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A company for smart energy use

Maker of winning property portfolios


Eneron Oy started its operations in 2011, with a mission to support real estate owners in their search for more energy efficient buildings and safeguard sustainable property development, in a way that leads to higher competitiveness, decreasing costs and increasing portfolio and property value.

Despite periodical downward fluctuations, the long term energy prices are increasing. The built environment with a huge amount of buildings in the northern hemisphere, is known to have the highest potential in reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Our mission is to ensure that next generations will also benefit from a healthy built environment with high energy efficiency and competitiveness

Our competitive edge comes from Eneron and our unique capability to analyze entire property portfolios. Understanding the needs of real estate business and strategy of property owners. Deep knowledge of building technology and procedures for calculating and optimizing energy efficiency investments. By combining this with long term building renovation and refurbishment plans, advanced follow-up methods of achieved results, we can ensure that set targets are met. A cost effective way of automatically collecting energy consumption and cost data from electronic invoices is also used, this is a novel and totally new digital service.

Company info

Eneron - the solution and its development

Development of Eneron, its concept and procedures, has required cooperation with VTT Oy and TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). The results were implemented in Eneron that now contains totally new methods for bench-marking and comparison of building energy data.

Eneron and ISO 50 001

We also wanted to demonstrate to our clients the conformity of our service to the international standard ISO 50 001:2011 Energy Management System. Bureau Veritas, one of the world's most respected inspection and certification bodies, issued a verification statement of the Eneron platform to this standard in 2014.

We believe that well communicated expert services, efficiency and high quality created by concepts and predefined processes, lead to positive customer experiences. Our systematic measurement of customer satisfaction and continuous development of the delivery process, ensure and continue to strengthen the competitive advantage. It is fun and mutually beneficial to improve and develop together.

Welcome to energy management 2023 style!

Eneron Oy

Fredriksberginkatu 2
00240 Helsinki
Puh. + 358 (0) 10 281 5000

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Eneron Oy
P.O.Box 100
80020 Kollektor Scan


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Key personnel

Key Personnel

Heikki Rouhesmaa, M.Sc. (Econ.)


Mob. +358 40 773 6472

Heikki started as CEO of Eneron Oy in November 2022.


Heikki has been the CEO of Buildercom since 2017. He has extensive experience in managing software and service businesses both in Finland and internationally.

Jarmo Kontro, M.Sc. (Eng.)

Senior Advisor

Tel. +358 10 281 5004
Mob. +358 50 566 6390

Jarmo has acted in Eneron Oy since 2012 first as a senior advisor and from the end of 2014 as a managing director of the company until the date when Buildercom Oy became the owner of Eneron. Previously he held a position in Inspecta as a manager of M&A acting mainly in the Nordic countries, in the Baltics and in Poland.


Jarmo's other assignments have been a development manager in Oy Partek Ab. He has also beside his principal job been teaching in Helsinki University of Technology as a part time assistant professor in energy technology and assistant in thermodynamics.

Eneron CTO
Mikael RydströmM.Sc. (Eng.)


Tel. +358 10 281 5005
Mob. +358 50 911 0091
Email. mikael.rydstrom(at)

Mikael Rydström is a senior professional in ICT and software innovation, with broad of experience from international corporations implementing and leading information technology projects. In Eneron Mikael holds the position of CTO and takes care of the continuous development of Eneron’s cloud services.


Mikael has previously acted in companies like Genencor Int’l, Instrumentarium Oyj, Cargotec Oyj, Kemira Oyj and Inspecta Oy.

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