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Energy efficiency also means healthy indoor air conditions



The smart property and energy management service
(ISO 50 001)

  • Input of energy consumption and cost data from e-invoices

  • Consumption analysis, reporting, and key figures (KPI) comparison

  • For residential properties, supporting board operations in energy efficiency solutions

  • Analyzing business and office property portfolios, identifying investment needs, calculating and optimizing life cycle benefits

EnerOnline in an iPad buildings list view

The Eneron™ service platform offers low cost energy and cost monitoring as well as a clear analysis service


  • Energy consumption and cost monitoring as a digital service will lead to rapid start-up

  • Automatic monitoring of energy efficiency of properties will reduce energy efficiency potential and quickly identify problems

  • The analysis of the energy use of the real estate portfolio and the identification of critical properties guide to the right solutions

  • Life cycle calculation of energy efficiency Investments enables rapid profitability comparison of measures

  • Budgeting and PTS plans come with software support and management has a snapshot of control.

Using the energy savings potential analysis, all buildings in the property portfolio are first bench-marked against each other.

The most interesting buildings are those with highest savings potential, shown in this example with grey columns.


In a large property portfolio, it makes sense to prioritize and first only audit the buildings with the highest savings potential.

EnerOnline energy savings potential energia säästö potentiaali
EnerOnline magic quadrant propety analysis Nelikenttäanalyysi kulutuksesta ja säästöpotentiaalista

Eneron™ supports many ways to visualize and analyze energy consumption in property portfolios. The buildings can for example be analyzed in a magic quadrant, that can be freely configured to analyse variables of interest.

In this example the x-axis has been set to  show the total energy consumption, the y-axis the specific energy consumption per building area. The savings potential has been used as bubble size for each building. This setup provides a very visual and easy to understand overview of current energy consumption of the entire portfolio and savings opportunities.

When the buildings with the biggest savings potential have been identified and savings measures from new or pre-existing audits entered, the optimal measures to be implemented for this set of buildings can be chosen based on the automatically produced BELOK analysis. 

Each measure requires a specified  investment to achieve an energy savings effect. The total effect effect of all these measures can optimized with the BELOK curve for the best result in energy savings, internal interest rate and total investment.

EnerOnline investment life ccycle belok curve rate of return Investointien elinkaarilaskenta ja sisäinen korko

Investment life-cycle and internal annual rate of return. If for example, the required internal rate is 11 %, then the 48 first measures should be implemented. The total investment is then 2,75 MEUR, annual energy savings is ca. 385 000 EUR and internal annual rate of return is 11 %.

EnerOnline enrgy monitoring rolling 12 month all buildings Kulutuskehityksen seuranta, rullaava vuosi, seurannassa mukana 32 kiinteistöä

Eneron™ is also a monitoring tool for energy consumption and energy costs. It enables comprehensive energy usage planning, estimation of future energy usage based on measure implementation plans and of course follow-up of the realized impact of actually implemented energy savings measures.

Energy and water consumption is monitored at least on a monthly basis, with real-time monitoring also being option. In this example a rolling 12 month trend is showing the energy consumption development of all 32 buildings in the example portfolio over a period of 3 years.

The property portfolio can be grouped and analysed based on many different qualifications like type of property, air conditioning technology, location, organization, year of construction etc. 

EnerOnline ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems Verification of conformity Bureau Veritas

"EnerOnline the answer to the requirements of the new EU-energy efficiency directive "

ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems – Verification of conformity


Bureau Veritas verified the Eneron™ platform to the requirements of ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems in spring 2014 and issued a verification statement for the Eneron system. This confirms the uniqueness of our cloud service and gives assurance to our customers when implementing the requirements of ISO 50001 or the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU).

The principal requirements of the standard ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management Systems are as follows:

  • Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy

  • Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy

  • Use data to better understand and make decisions concerning energy use and consumption

  • Measure the results

  • Review the effectiveness of the policy

  • Continually improve energy management.

ISO 50001

Eneron IoT  Indoor Climate Monitoring


Eneron sensors operate on the LoRaWan network, which has the advantage that the sensors work for years with batteries, sending data to the network without separate installations, 4-5G Hubs or WiFi connections.

For example, the sensors monitor room temperatures, humidity and CO2 concentrations.

Eneron sensors can be transferred to different places based on the problems to be solved. Sensors can also be left permanently in their current places for continuous monitoring.

Sensors for demanding applications can measure CO2 concentrations, lightness, and human presence.

The use of sensors is an easy way to audit and validate real estate automation by simply monitoring that indoor conditions remain within the set goals.

IoT sensors using the same technology are also available for real-time monitoring of energy and water consumption

Eneron IoT
Eneron Services

Reliable Eneron services 

  • We reliably investigate the overall state of energy use in a property portfolio or an individual building and also take into account indoor climate conditions.

  • We analyze the energy saving potential and, if necessary, we model the building to identify the right energy saving solutions.

  • We produce a large company energy review report (EED) and perform the necessary target reviews

  • We monitor the effectiveness of the measures taken to ensure good results.


Eneron - effectiveness for property and property portfolio owners

  • Eneron™ cloud service for smart energy management and cost-effective energy consumption follow-up. The service ensures that energy efficiency targets will be met by supervising the correct and efficient  functioning of building automation, upkeep and maintenance.

  • Eneron™ and its partners' solutions and conceptual procedures are used to carry out assessments, projects and HEVAC plans to make sure that the implementations are successful and quality requirements met in a timely manner.

Eneron Solutions



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